Why choose us?

We understand that letting your property can be a complicated business in an ever-changing market. Changes in the legal requirements for landlords and fluctuations in the rental market can be a burden for landlords. Our services are designed to match the needs of landlords depending on how involved you want, or are able to be, in the management of your property.

We offer advice and support to landlords throughout the duration of the tenancy, and as we are closely linked with local government, we can make sure you are the first to know about any updates to legislation.

Our tenancy resettlement service supports tenants to build sustainable tenancies. We provide advice and assistance to tenants, dealing with issues and queries. At the end of a year’s tenancy, 99% of our landlords and tenants continue with the agreement for another year.

Our offers are competitive, as unlike high street lettings agencies, we do not have any hidden charges or fees. We can also offer you rent guarantee during a tenancy (if this is the option you choose) so that you can be sure you will always get paid.