Private Rented Property Licencing

In 2015, Waltham Forest Council introduced Private Rented Property Licencing. Every landlord now has to have a licence for each property rented out in Waltham Forest. The licence costs £650 and is valid until March 2020. Every landlord renting privately is required to have a licence and comply with the conditions of that licence. Not having a licence, or breaching the conditions, can lead to prosecution and a heavy fine.

To support landlords, we can offer advice and support to help you apply for a licence and manage your property.

Not only that, if you sign up with Lettings Waltham Forest, we will refund your licence fee...that’s £650 (current standard rate). You won’t get an offer like that anywhere else!


For more facts about the Waltham Forest Private Rented Property Licensing scheme, log on to: